Skin.Ai aims to help you instantly monitor your skin health.

The AI-powered app engine compares skin spots with disease indications from its wide database enabling the app to detect skin cancer or other disease at an early stage which is crucial for timely treatment.

Our goal is to increase the importance of skin disease awareness and help individuals trace their skin changes to get to the doctor in time.

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Key features

Result in only 10 seconds
Quick start, smart history
GDPR compliance and personal data protection
Not available for people under 18 years old
Wide database of skin diseases
Available for iOS
The app checks skin for

The app checks skin for

Skin cancer

melanomas, BKK, BCC, etc.

Precancerous lesions

blue and dysplastic nevi, keratoses, etc.

Benign formations

moles, angiomas, dermatofibromas, etc.

Papillomavirus (HPV)

warts, papillomas, mollusks, etc.

6 types of acne

Pricing plans

1 week 3-day free trial included | 3-day free trial

$7.99 /WEEK WEEK

You will get 20 photo results during 7 days.

1 month 3-day free trial included | 3-day free trial


You will get 80 photo results during 30 days.

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1 year 3-day free trial included | 3-day free trial


Total price $149.99 for 800 results during 365 days.

We draw your attention to the fact that Skin.Ai is not a diagnostic tool and does not replace a visit to the doctor or necessity of real medical assistance.

The app aims to help individuals instantly stay aware of their skin health through self-checks and get advice when it is necessary. If you feel that your skin is changing, we strongly recommend you to get medical assistance without hesitation.